Monday, 13 February 2012

Workshop on collage at Holly Dean's

Saturday I went to a workshop on collage at Holly Dean's studio.
We learned techniques on how to glue and which glue to use for a variety of  papers, how to "push back" a photograph in a collage (making the edge of the photograph less visible), where to find copyright-free images online, how to make your own imagery. We also learn about composition.
In the afternoon, we worked on a collage using our own imagery or the one provided by Holly. We received as well in our package beautiful textured papers to use in our collage.
A whole day creating and learning!

Holly explaining how to transfer an image. Beautiful textured papers in the background

Working on a collage about my grand-mother.


  1. Looks good already!! I love too see more :)
    Do you know the blog:
    She is going to do a tutorial on altered books. I've a book ready to alter I think it's much fun. Maybe you wanna join too..if you have time?

    Love Susan

    1. I just checked the alteredbooklover blog. It looks like a great site! Thank you for sharing with us!