Wednesday, 8 February 2012

This is my NEW blog address NOUVELLE adresse pour le blog

This blog is my new blog as of February 5, 2012

New blog address:

It replaces this one ( which I won't be able to update  because of my e-mail address change.
You will still have access to posts on the old blog (

Ce blog est mon nouveau blog à partir du 5 février 2012
La nouvelle adresse est:

L'ancien blog ( ne sera plus mis à jour à partir du 5 février 2012
Ancien blog:

Here is a picture of some of the artwork I have been working on for the last few weeks and my new Da Vinci paint tubes which I received Friday.  How exciting it is to get new colours!
My new watercolour artwork will be for sale in April...

Une de mes nouvelles aquarelles qui sera en vente en  Avril...

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