Monday, 27 February 2012

Creating Layers: Inspirations

For the "Creating Layers" workshop on Saturday, I used images from Chartres cathedral and old map of Chartres in my work.
Here are few close ups of my experiment on creating layers. They look like mini paintings within a painting!

Chartres (where I was born and grew up), France: Cathedral and the medieval town


  1. Hey Veronique,

    They look wonderfull. The warm colour and "pictures" in the painting.
    I just visited Chartres with google maps. Nice little town. Looking around makes me wanna go on vacation again. ( as a child my family and I always went to France for our summer vacation)

    Love Susan

    1. Chartres is a beautiful town. The cathedral stained glass windows are breathtaking. When you seat inside the cathedral on a sunny day,the light shines through the windows showing incredible coloured stained glass. Unique to Chartres is "le bleu de Chartres".