Thursday, 27 February 2014

Esprit Roulotte

Le livre de l'atelier de Marie est rempli de jolis projets à crocheter, à broder...

Lovely projects to crochet , to embroider...

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Introduction to gouache at Kanata Montessori School

Students learned about uniform background, gradation with stripes, gradation without stripe and shading techniques with gouache.
Artwork by grades 1, 2 and 3

Techniques: fond uniforme, dégradés et ombrage avec la gouache
( CP, CE1, CE2 France)

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Farm animals series

I am continuing the series with the sheep.
Je continue la série avec le mouton.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

2014 Spring Art classes for children

The program for the Spring art classes for children is ready at:
Le programme du printemps pour les cours de peinture pour enfant est prêt:

Registration is open

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My little pigs...

My little pigs are coming soon to my Etsy shop...This is the last pig of the series, almost finished!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The colour wheel

Friday I taught a workshop on the colour wheel to grades 7 and 8 at Béatrice Desloges High School in Orleans. My students were delightful and so focused. The room where I taught was fabulous with lots of natural light, two huge sinks, two hot water taps and two cold water taps on each sink, plenty of spaces for students to paint; cupboards and cabinet to store artwork and supplies. The ideal art room…I was so lucky to be able to teach in this environment. When I was cleaning up I could not stop looking at the beautiful palette of colours in the bowls. Quelle belle palette!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Monday art class at the studio

We are having a lot of fun creating rich backgrounds using glazing techniques and adding textures to it. Students were introduced to transparent, opaque, iridescent pigment, interference and other specialty paints as well as the purpose of various gel mediums. 
The background is completed. Next step,  the design for the foreground. I cannot wait to see what the background is going to inspire them...

Age 7 to 10


Monday, 10 February 2014

My bird, Valentin

Four other birds to discover and for sale in my Etsy shop at:
Quatre autres oiseaux à découvrir à:

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Book illustration #6

It has been almost a year since I started to illustrate the story for a children's book written by my friend Stanley Lake. It is a fun and challenging work which I enjoy to do. Here is a close-up of illustration #6 completed this morning
J'ai commencé à illustrer un livre pour enfant écrit par Stanley Lake il y a presqu'un an.
Voici un gros plan de l'illustration #6, terminée ce matin

To follow the progression of the illustrations, please "like" my page on Facebook
Pour suivre la progression des illustrations , SVP "like" ma page Facebook

To view the photo album for the illustrations click on the link below
Album avec photos des illustrations

Friday, 7 February 2014

New series on farm animals

I am starting with the pig for my new series on farm animals. I like their shape and colour. Below is a collage of pigs I painted over the years.  

J'e commence par le cochon pour ma nouvelle série sur les animaux de la ferme.
Ci -dessous, collage de peintures de cochons des années passées.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

La ferme du Plessis

My bird series is completed and I am starting a new series on farm animal. When I was younger, I spent July month at my grandmother’s country house located in le Perche, France. Next door was a farm and we went often visit it, played with Danièle, the farmer’s daughter, watched cows being milked and observed the animals. Below is a photograph of “La ferme du Plessis”, which I painted in 1991 few years after arriving in Canada. (No digital image at the time!)

Ma série sur les oiseaux est maintenant terminée et j’en ai commencé une nouvelle sur les animaux de la ferme. Quand j’étais petite, je passais tout le mois de juillet chez ma grand-mère à la campagne. Sa maison était située à côté d’une ferme que nous allions visiter souvent. Nous aimions regarder les vaches se faire traire, jouer avec la fille du fermier et observer les animaux. La ferme du Plessis a été peinte en 1991, quelques années après mon arrivée au Canada.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

My birds are ready to fly...

My bird series is now for sale on my Etsy shop.

Mes oiseaux sont prêts à s'envoler... Ils sont maintenant en vente à mon magasin Etsy 

Saturday, 1 February 2014