Sunday, 28 April 2013

2013 MASC Arts Award

I created a name tag for Ali who won the 2013  MASC Arts Award for visual arts. 
I bought this handmade paper at de Serres in Ottawa and decided to draw small patterns on it like in Zentangle, see this POST. I used a piece of felt for the backing.
I am teaching full time art workshops in schools in the Ottawa region until the end of May with Masc (Multicultural Arts for Schools and Communities); I don't have too much time right now to start painting on large canvas, so this small art project was very satisfying for me to do!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Musée du Luxembourg: Chagall exhibit "Between war and peace"

After reading this lovely book last fall, I wanted to know more about Marc Chagall's artwork and life

Journey on a Cloud: A Children's Book Inspired by Marc Chagall

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I went to see the Chagall exhibit " Between war and peace" (click) at the Musée du Luxembourg with my sisters Hélène and Sophie while I was in Paris this past March. It was a cold day!

Hélène and Sophie, jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

Chagall's work has vibrant colours and recurring themes such as candle sticks, farm animals, violin, flying couples, people with upside down head, circus scene appear in his paintings.

He also illustrated the fables of Jean de la Fontaine (click) which gave me ideas for art classes!

To view more of his artwork, click on this video

I bought few books and post cards at the museum shop. I was thrilled to discover this one for children titled "The Little Chagall". The collection is called "Happy Museum" from Kate's art Editions. French or English versions were available at the museum shop. Children will learn about art while having fun reading, playing and being creative!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Inspirations for art classes from the quai Branly museum

Going to any museum is a wonderful experience to stimulate your creativity.
Here are some pictures (allowed only if you take them without flash) from the museum collection which inspired me for art classes

Melanesian head masks 
Wonderful creations!

Paper cutting
While preparing the summer art camp on "China and Chinese Empire", I came across some fantastic paper cutting pictures in a book on China. I was so intrigued that I bought this book to learn more about it. Click on the image

I went to few bookstores in France and I saw this book which I ordered when I returned to Canada. It's in French but it's mainly pictures with website/contact of the featured artists.
This book will make you dream. Click on the image

At the quai Branly museum I saw this

and this:

I love the intricate detailed work. It will be interesting to develop a class on paper cutting, ombres chinoises (shadow puppets show?) and 3D paper sculptures.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, France

During the two weeks I took off blogging in March I went to see my family in France. I had a list of museums I wanted to visit during my holidays.
Le musée du quai Branly is very close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I went there because I wanted to see the museum collection on Mayas and Aztec artefacts. Not too much on this section but lots on African, Asian, Oceanian and North American art. (ceramics, costumes, jewelery, etc.)
From the outside the museum is beautiful with its garden and wallscape façade.

The flowing river of words leading to the entrance of the exhibitions.
That was magical!
"The River" Installation by Charles Sandison

More about the artist and his work at:

Next post : What inspired me for my own work and for art classes at this museum?