Sunday, 14 April 2013

Inspirations for art classes from the quai Branly museum

Going to any museum is a wonderful experience to stimulate your creativity.
Here are some pictures (allowed only if you take them without flash) from the museum collection which inspired me for art classes

Melanesian head masks 
Wonderful creations!

Paper cutting
While preparing the summer art camp on "China and Chinese Empire", I came across some fantastic paper cutting pictures in a book on China. I was so intrigued that I bought this book to learn more about it. Click on the image

I went to few bookstores in France and I saw this book which I ordered when I returned to Canada. It's in French but it's mainly pictures with website/contact of the featured artists.
This book will make you dream. Click on the image

At the quai Branly museum I saw this

and this:

I love the intricate detailed work. It will be interesting to develop a class on paper cutting, ombres chinoises (shadow puppets show?) and 3D paper sculptures.

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  1. Woh those shadow puppets are really beautifull, the artist must have a lot of patience to make them.
    The heads make me smile! Thanks for sharing!!