Sunday, 7 April 2013

Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, France

During the two weeks I took off blogging in March I went to see my family in France. I had a list of museums I wanted to visit during my holidays.
Le musée du quai Branly is very close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I went there because I wanted to see the museum collection on Mayas and Aztec artefacts. Not too much on this section but lots on African, Asian, Oceanian and North American art. (ceramics, costumes, jewelery, etc.)
From the outside the museum is beautiful with its garden and wallscape façade.

The flowing river of words leading to the entrance of the exhibitions.
That was magical!
"The River" Installation by Charles Sandison

More about the artist and his work at:

Next post : What inspired me for my own work and for art classes at this museum?


  1. Hey Veronique,
    Love the museum. I'm still planning on going to Paris sometime. Every time we have a date planned there is something in de way. But three times is a charm... right
    I used 96% alcohol. In de USA it's called rubbing alcohol. Its used to clean skin and medical instrument and I bought it at a drugstore. I sprayed my background and dropped drops of alcohol on it. You can also use it with acrylic paint.
    About the washi-tape, I use it in my artjournal. To tape a card, picture or just fill some space. With cards and some are just to have, because I like them sooooo much. I really try to use al of them in my artjournals. Sometimes I even make sure there's no paint/color on the background where I'm gonna put them.

    I hope you'll have great weekend.

    Love Susan

  2. That sounds like a lovely place, I'd like to go there if I'm ever lucky enough to be in Paris again. :) xx