Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Day 2 for the Facebook Art challenge

Day 2 for the Facebook Art challenge

I was born and grew up in Chartres, France, a beautiful medieval city well known for its cathedral and unique stained glass windows. I have been living in Canada for more than 31 years now. At the beginning, I painted only French scenes, my way to travel to France without taking an airplane. Few years later I progressively switched to more “Canadian” scenes.

“La boulangerie”. On the window display are all the patisserie, specialty breads I enjoyed:”éclairs au chocolat, religieuses, tarte aux fraises, brioches, croissants, pains au chocolat, petits fours..”

I painted “La fleur des champs” in memory of a beautiful flower shop located not too far from ”la cathé” in Chartres. The wisteria is one of my favorite vine which reminded me of my grandmother’s country house.

One Christmas during a family get-together, we skated through a frozen marsh. It was a breathtaking picture. The snow was falling lightly and the snowflakes looked like little diamonds. Older and younger people had fun skating between the trees. I tried to portrait the magic of winter in this “Moonlight skating”. Thirty one years later, I can not say I am a huge fan of winter, it's a bit too long... but sometimes it still looks magical.

The family cottage was one of those magical places where I felt really relaxed. My husband Charles and my oldest son Thomas looking at the star on the dock “At the cottage”

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  1. Hello! It's such a delight to discover you as an artist and to learn something more about you! Your paintings are beautidul and so personal! I'm rather busy to write more now, but I always enjoy stopping here!
    Good luck with the new programme - sounds very interesting!:))