Thursday, 29 January 2015

Facebook Art challenge Day 1

I've been nominated by Joan Baker for the 5-day Facebook art challenge. Thank you Joan.
3 paintings a day for 5 days
Day 1
“Spring coat for a zebra” painting is my favorite painting of all time. I made it in three days which is very fast for me. A lot of emotions in it. I learned that week that my youngest son was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and because I did not know too much about Tourette at the time, I was scared and anxious. I put all my creative energy in this painting to deal with the news. The little boy who is painting the zebra is left handed like Nicolas. Nicolas is now 18 and is very creative musician.

“Le pommier d'amour” (The apple tree of love). After seeing an exhibition on Gustav Klimt at the National art Gallery in Ottawa, I was influenced by Klimt's use of pattern, gold and copper colours

« L’arrivée du printemps ». It makes me dream. Longing for spring…

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