Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Taking the time to...

Today I continued to work on my Alabama Chanin skirt, the one I was supposed to finish for this past Christmas...I started it more than a year ago.

I stencilled the fabric with a stencil I cut myself from a downloaded picture from this site
The skirt is all embroidered and sewn by hand. If you enjoy beautiful hand sewn and embroidered work, have a look at the 3 Alabama Chanin books.The instructions are well written and the pictures are amazing.
I bought them from Amazon few years ago. I use book #1 for the skirt pattern and book # 3 for the embroidery techniques. 

Aujour'dhui, j'ai continué à  broder ma jupe "Alabama Chanin", commencée il ya plus d'un an...
Le patron de la jupe vient du livre #1 et pour les techniques de broderie du livre #3

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