Thursday, 9 January 2014

New EP release by ...

...Nicolas Stackhouse, my youngest son. Today is his birthday (17) and he released his first EP on
It's free to download or you can name your price.

"I'm thrilled to finally release my first ever EP! In this EP, I wanted to express how music affects me. Music is a passion, a way of expression and an escape. It is something that makes you feel alive and at peace. I had a lot of fun composing and creating this EP. Everything you hear is made by me. I composed all the melodies and chord progressions. In addition, I created all the synths, basses and leads. I don't like using presets or loops because it isn't composed by me. I find it important to create your own sounds to truly show yourself as a composer/musician. This way you can truly express your very own sound." (Nicolas Stackhouse)

Nicolas Stackhouse's Facebook

The album cover is a joint effort between Ben Senior, a grade 11 student photographer at his high school and his friend Tim Guitard from Timcroftproductions for the graphic design.

Ben Senior

Tim Guitard, Timcroft productions

Lancement du 1er EP (album court) de Nicolas Stackhouse, mon fils de 17 ans.
Pour l'écouter c'est ICI

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